An Anchor Teams’ purpose is to embrace The 100 Year Thinker’s Legacy Values, build teams, establish new endeavors, unlock massive deal flow, administer/automate systems, and secure freedom-level capital when needed. Anchor Team endeavors and opportunities are not directly for Reserve Authority, but rather the long-term endeavors evolving out of it – such as 20V0, 2050 World Jubilee & Exposition, Space and Galactic Alliance Network, 100 Year Thinker’s World Conference, Vision 2050, and more.

We’re open to working with the world’s top Investors, Accountants, Auditors, Consultants, Creative Specialists, Influencers, and Communications experts to integrate their expertise in our Vision and advance our endeavors in a big way.

– Anchor Chairman
– Anchor Partner
– Board of Directors
– Executive/Operations Team
– Capital Partners
– Strategic Partners
– Strategic Sponsors
– International Licensing Partners
– and more

Note: We aim to attract and position highly active 100 Year Thinkers to contribute to the evolution of the endeavours in our 100 Year Endeavor Pipeline, and weigh their compensation to stock options (rather than cash). We aim for long-term (Lifetime) relationships built on the foundation of Legacy development.

Declare yourself as a 100 Year Thinker at for updates and opportunities then complete the form on this page for consideration. Legal Policies