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We’re open to acquiring major equity stakes in established (profitable) companies that will complement our endeavors. We like companies led by people who care about what they have already built, but want to evolve to another level of invention and innovation with 100 Year Thinkers.

Although we do acquire companies at the forefront of invention and innovation, we’re equally interested in hyper-localized sustainable companies such as public transportation/mobility systems, hotels & accommodations, coworking hives, convenience stores, coin-operated laundry, dry cleaners, vending machines, food trucks, food kiosks, food services, home care services, special care services, senior care services, pet care services, salons, barbershops, educational services, and more. Our intent is to continue their evolution, both managerially and strategically.

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100 Year Thinkers have a strong and genuine interest in the opportunities of tomorrow. They are Visionary Leaders at the forefront of invention, innovation, exploration, and discovery. 100 Year Thinkers play the long game and aim to impact the world in profound ways.

Next update: January 1, 2020 for 20V0, 2050 World Jubilee & Exposition, Space and Galactic Alliance Network, 100 Year Thinker’s World Conference, and more.

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