The 100 Year Thinkers and Reserve Authority is founded by Verlin Daylin and is created for a vibrant community of Global Shapers & Visionary Leaders who dare to imagine a better world, and take sincere action to make it happen.

Our Transparent Evolution Strategy (TES) is to lead, evolve, disrupt, leapfrog, and shape the world in ways that arrive at our Vision & Values. Profits are important, but we don’t navigate our evolution based on strict annual profits or stock market behaviors. That method may work for others, but it’s just too risky for the way 100 Year Thinkers are evolving. 100 Year Thinkers know that Long-term Future Cash Flows (LFCF) will evolve in equal or greater proportion to the true value we put into the world.

We’re lean, focused, and dynamic in our maneuvers and we’re always ready for the long-term economic market cycles that are sure to come. When others retreat, we advance. When others advance, we advance twice. We pre-stage our moves in advance and we play to win both globally and locally. We don’t claim our way is the right (or only) way to evolve into the future, but it’s one of the ways that works for the 100 Year Thinkers.

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