Reserve Authority is a bi-partisan world development endeavor designed to connect Visionaries, Pioneers, Global Shapers, Inventors, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists, Investors, Experts, Specialists, and other influential World Leaders to the most future-focused companies on Earth.

Our long-term Transparent Evolution Strategy (TES) is to participate in helping people lead, evolve, disrupt, leapfrog, and shape the world in ways that arrive at their Vision & Values. Some of our featured endeavors include the 100 Year Thinkers (Community), 20V0 (Technology), Space and Galactic Alliance Network (Space Futures), AIM Global Experiences (Global Experiences & Communications), and other ventures in our Endeavor Pipeline

Reserve Authority also organizes a series of ongoing events designed to shape invention and innovation on a localized level. The series includes the 100 Year Thinker’s World Conference, Vision 2050 World Tour, 2050 World Jubilee & Exposition, WorldWeed2020, and more. To attend, sponsor, exhibit, speak or co-develop an upcoming event, see links below. Additionally, Reserve Authority also contributes to the  ‘100 Year Thinkers Podcast’ featuring Verlin Daylin, which focuses on the crossroads of world development and entrepreneurship. It features discussions about the opportunities and challenges shaping our world. To learn more or to be an expert guest, visit reserveauthority.com/speak.

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