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Reserve Authority is shaping the future with 100 Year Thinkers from around the world.

100 Year Thinkers can be found wherever Visionary Leaders in the world converge. We empower the Science, Technology, and Engineering frontiers that are paving the way for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Advanced Technology Revolution, Imagination Revolution, Learning Revolution, Information Revolution, Infrastructure Revolution, Humanitarian Revolution, Collaboration Revolution, Space Exploration Revolution, and beyond. We’re shaping the world in profound ways.

Our 100 Year Thinker’s World Development Community’s trillion-dollar Transparent Evolution Strategy (TES) is to lead, evolve, disrupt, leapfrog, and shape the world in ways that arrive at our Vision. To learn more about our Vision and our evolving endeavors, please visit or download the 100 Year Thinkers Manifesto at (Print-friendly PDF, no email or sign in required)

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