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20V0 is the Universal Sponsor of 2050


20V0’s Mission is to empower every individual and community in the Universe that adopts our Vision & Mission, then collectively celebrate the 2050 World Jubilee & Exposition* as a peaceful human society. From this vantage point, we will pivot towards the next century, forever at the forefront of invention, innovation, exploration, and discovery.

20V0’s Vision is to simplify the way the world works, explore new frontiers of invention and innovation, and evolve 20V0 to become the most beloved brand in the universe. Along the way, we will make new friends, collectively improve the world for the children of tomorrow, and explore new frontiers deep into the future. We believe the future looks bright, and that’s what we’re aiming for.

Origin & Evolution
20V0 is founded by Verlin Daylin with insight and foresight from the 100 Year Thinkers at Reserve Authority, those who dare to imagine a better world and take action to make it happen. Our focus is to go big, go fast, and go far in the pursuit of our Vision & Mission.

20V0’s Transparent Evolution Strategy (TES) is to evolve, leapfrog, disrupt, and lead the world in ways that arrive at our Vision & Mission. Profits are important, but we don’t drive our evolution based on annual profits or stock market behavior. That method may work for others, but it’s just too risky for the way we work. We know that our Long-term Future Cash Flows will evolve in equal or greater proportion to the good we put into the world, along with the true value of our products and services around the world, and in space. We’re lean, focused, and dynamic in our processes of invention and innovation, and we’re always ready for the long-term economic market cycles. When others retreat, we advance. When others advance, we advance twice. We play to win and win big.

  • 20V0’s Aim of Anticipated Value (AAV) is $100B+ by 2050, $500B+ by 2100, and $1T+ 2120
  • 20V0’s Aim of Humanitarian Impact (AHI) is $100B+ by 2120 (Focus on bottom 2% in Poverty)

We don’t declare our strategy is the only way to win, but it’s the one we’re evolving with as we unravel and simplify our complex world for the Children of Tomorrow.

20V0’s Visionary Leadership Values

20V0’s Visionary Leadership Values reflect who we are and what we stand for as a globally unified team of people, evolving together to arrive at our Vision & Mission. 20V0’s Visionary Leaders are the world’s foremost 100 Year Thinkers

Think Big

Visionary Leaders think big because it unlocks new levels of wisdom that will spark the inventions and innovations that will forever impact the world. Visionary Leaders observe the world from a cosmic level (Overview Effect), and they deeply understand that simplifying a complex world is good for all Mankind.

The Children of Tomorrow

Visionary Leaders know that the Children of Tomorrow are 20V0’s Anchor-stakeholder, and they forever innovate with them in mind.

Compassion & Human Dignity
Visionary Leaders spread compassion and human dignity in everything they do. They aim to promote joy through human dignity towards all people. It’s the purest joy known to mankind, and it’s free forever.

Stewards of Earth

Planet Earth is our only known habitat, and Visionary Leaders aim to care for her.

Good Citizenship & Cultural Exploration

Visionary Leaders are good citizens in the communities in which they live and work. They enjoy exploring the culture, food, and perspectives of other people because they know it will spark new friendships, adventures, experiences, and spectrums of wisdom that only comes with having an open mind.

Value to Community

Visionary Leaders aim to bring value to every Community in the world that adopts 20V0’s Vision & Mission.

Simplify Everything

Visionary Leaders strive to simplify the way the world works. They know there is a massive opportunity in unraveling a complex world.

Deep Customer Joy
Visionary Leaders aim to go beyond customer satisfaction, trust, quality, value, and convenience, by nurturing sincere relationships with customers in ways that bring them deep joy and a sense of comfort in the world.


As an individual, Visionary Leaders are self-evolutionary, aware of their place in the cosmos, and sincere in their actions to make the world better. It’s the foundation of every Visionary Leader.

Pure Imagination

Visionary Leaders harness the power of their imagination to impact the world.

Creativity & Artistic Expression

Visionary Leaders provide an authentic platform for Artists to shine, monetize their work, inspire others to be bold, and make the world brighter. They know that Artists present new ways of thinking and understanding the world around us, and the value in that is good for all people.

Exploration & Discovery
Visionary Leaders explore and discover new frontiers of invention and innovation. It’s what we humans thrive to do.

Invention & Innovation
Visionary Leaders are driven to invent and innovate at an extraordinarily high level,  so they can share better things with the world.


Visionary Leaders work obsessively hard in a Team environment to deliver quality products and services to our customers, simplify operational processes, and unlock higher levels of invention and innovation.

The Spirit of Competition

Visionary Leaders play to win at a very high level in everything they do, and for big results. They are eager to compete with others in the 20V0 Ecosystem because it increases the rate of internal invention and innovation, and as time evolves, they know our outside competitors will not be able to compete with our ways of doing things.

Time and Patience

Visionary Leaders are extraordinarily patient, and they have deep insight and foresight to be able to bend time in the pursuit of success.

Play Moneyball (Frugality)
Visionary Leaders are scientific in their focus on frugality. They are strategic in planning, resourceful in action, and self-sufficient in evolution. They do more with less.

Follow the Leader

Visionary Leaders lead because that’s what they do. They step up and help pave the way for other people’s success. Follow the leaders and they will accelerate your success.

Visionary Leadership

Visionary Leaders have a deep understanding of what they are doing, and where they are going. They are masters at stepping up, making things move, self-multiplying new leaders for new initiatives, and establishing new ecosystems of invention and innovation. Visionary Leaders operate at all levels and are deeply rooted in the details and nuances of their vision. Visionary Leaders take ownership, ask lots of questions, listen well, respectfully challenge the status quo, and believe no task is ever beneath them.

Visionary Leaders uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of their actions, are always aiming to raise the bar, and they lead with conviction and tenacity. They do not compromise for the sake of social validation, even if it’s exhausting or embarrassing. Visionary Leaders make many decisions, and once they make them, they commit, and keep moving forward, but are always ready to change their stance if new information changes their perspective.

Visionary Leaders steer their teams to deliver high-quality products, services, and leverages of value and success. They do not send defects down the line, they resolve problems so they never happen again, and they always anticipate moments of failure in the pursuit of success.

Visionary Leaders are often observed as weird, crazy, or misfits in conventional networks of invention and innovation, but 20V0 is not conventional, so we embrace and celebrate them. It’s what makes us different than any other organization in the world. We want the crazy ones, their more fun.

20V0’s top Visionary Leaders are Owners. Owners are 100 Year Thinkers at the very forefront of invention and innovation, and they are masters in their process of evolution. Owners have a deep understanding of 20V0’s vast Ecosystem, beyond just their own teams’ ecosystem, and they are highly proactive in creating synergies with other owners. Owners may compete with other owners for resources in the 20V0 Ecosystem, but are always ready to merge for the benefit of 20V0’s long term evolution. Owners move fast and they lead evolution and transformation at a very high level of performance.

(When we recognize a Visionary Leader, we quickly get to the heart of their vision, establish a vivid evolution plan, and then pave the way for them to evolve it.)


Visionary Leaders care deeply about making an impact in the world, and they discover ways to build mechanisms in the 20V0 Ecosystem to empower and impact the lives of people in the communities we serve. Visionary Leaders give time and resources to evolve the humanitarian causes that mean the most to them.

Awards & Prizes

Visionary Leaders value their people, encourage their development, and reward their excellence with awards and prizes.


Visionary Leaders celebrate the important Milestones that matter to us as a team and universally unified human society.

Note: The 2050 World Jubilee & Exposition is a worldwide celebration to reflect Mankind’s collective progress. The 2050 World Jubilee & Exposition will commence New Year 2050.

Presented by 20V0

The World Jubilee & Exposition is an international celebration to reflect on Mankind’s collective progress. It will take place every 50 years starting in 2050.

We will unlock opportunities in 2020.

Presented by 20V0

Visionary Leaders explore and discover new frontiers of invention and innovation. It’s what we humans thrive to do.

Presented by 20V0

100 Year Thinker’s World Conference Attend


100 Year Thinkers have a strong and genuine interest in the opportunities of tomorrow. They are Visionary Leaders at the forefront of invention, innovation, exploration, and discovery. 100 Year Thinkers play the long game and aim to impact the world in profound ways.

Next update: January 1, 2020 for 20V0, 2050 World Jubilee & Exposition, Space and Galactic Alliance Network, 100 Year Thinker’s World Conference, and more.

Reserve Authority (The 100 Year Thinkers)

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