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The 100 Year Thinker’s World Conference
This event is for Declared 100 Year Thinkers and all Global Shapers at the forefront of invention, innovation, exploration, discovery, and humanitarianism. We converge to discuss the challenges and opportunities evolving across the entire spectrum of world development. It will take place July 15-16, 2020 in Los Angeles. Participants who attend the Conference may be pivotal in the forward progress of world development at large. Attendees of the 100 Year Thinker’s World Conference in 2020 will also get V.I.P. access to the next Conference in Paris 2024. This small roundtable event will be held at a private venue and will sell out.
 › reserveauthority.com/conference

20V0 (Vision 2050 World Tour)
20V0 is the Universal Sponsor of 2050. It’s a forward-thinking multi-economic endeavor (ecosystem) designed to set the stage for the year 2050. To explore the pathways to 2050, please attend Vision 2050 World Tour. Seats are limited for these small roundtable events and will sell out. ›
 reserveauthority.com/vision2050 or 20V0.com

World Jubilee & Exposition (Presented by 20V0)
The World Jubilee & Exposition is a universal celebration to reflect on Humankind’s collective progress. It will take place every 50 years starting in 2050 and is designed to be one of the largest celebrations on Earth. An official introduction will take place Day 2 (July 16, 2020) at the 100 Year Thinker’s World Conference. › 20v0.com/jubilee

Space and Galactic Alliance Network (Presented by 20V0)
The Space and Galactic Alliance Network is our pathway to the Cosmos. It’s for a small group of 100 Year Thinkers unified in unlocking space exploration deep into the future. We believe humanity’s exploration of Space quenches our desire to explore new worlds and contemplate our future existence as a human society. Aim high, it matters.  20v0.com/space

#WorldWeed2020 (Presented by 20V0)
#WorldWeed2020 is designed to bring together the global shapers in the Cannabis & Hemp industry to cultivate real long-term opportunities and empower the well-being of humanity in ways we have never seen before. Even more, we’re celebrating the people who have dedicated their lives to the progress of Cannabis freedom for all. Because of them, the future looks bright. The #WorldWeed2020 campaign will evolve beyond 2020 with new and exciting endeavors integrated into the fabric of the global community and marketplace. Even more, it’s the source fuel that will forever evolve the 100 Year Thinkers. Everybody must have the human right to toast life’s celebrations with Cannabis. It will change the world.  worldweed2020.com

The 100 Year Endeavor Pipeline

– 3D Printing and Materials
– Agriculture and Harvesting
– AI, Automation, and Robotics
– Air, Energy, Environment, and Waste
– Business Services and Human Resources
– Cannabis and Industrial Hemp
– Education and Learning
– Food and Beverage
– Freight, Logistics, and Transport
– Health and Wellbeing
– Home, Family, and Pets
– Industrial Services
– Internet and Blockchain
– Manufacturing and Supply Chain
– Media and Entertainment
– Real Estate, Finance, and Insurance
– Retail and Online Commerce
– Space, Science, and Exploration
– Technology, Computing, and Software
– Travel, Tourism, and Leisure
– Urbanization, Mobility, and Infrastructure
– World Conferences & Expositions
– and more



Converge with the 100 Year Thinkers at the forefront of Tomorrow to discuss the pathways into the future. Our events are short, sweet and designed to rapidly pave the way for you, your inner-circle, and all 100 Year Thinkers to shape the world in profound ways.



100 Year Thinkers are the Visionary leaders at the forefront of invention, innovation, exploration, discovery, and society. Every day we converge in organizations around the world to evolve commerce, technology, science, engineering, humanitarianism, and other world development matters. Our Vision is to empower each other to go big, go fast, and go far in the pursuit of our personal endeavors and in our united efforts to shape a better world for the benefit of the Children of Tomorrow. 

100% of all 100 Year Thinkers are aiming for Legacy. We all have the audacity to claim our vision and forge our pathway into the future without apology. Even more, we boldly accept that the long-term routine of hard work, focused learning, leadership, risks, struggles, sacrifices, obstacles, and absolute patience is the only way forward into the future. It’s a time tested method that works, it unlocks opportunities in ways that others do not understand, and it’s a paradigm of knowledge and experience that we think everybody should know regardless of their origin. From this vantage point, we each have the strength to level up, pave the way for others to level up, and collectively make an extraordinary impact on the next 100 years of world development. 

Declare only when you’re ready to evolve into the future. Your declaration is a 1-Time subscription that cements your Personal Oath to your own Vision and lets us notify you (via periodic email notifications) of evolving world development opportunities. We do not spam.

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